595 Craft and Kitchen: A Fusion of Food & Craft Beer To Expand its Reach

Indulge in the culinary delights of 595 Craft and Kitchen in Las Vegas NV, a vibrant restaurant and bar that has captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike. From its cozy atmosphere and impressive craft beer selection to its mouthwatering fusion cuisine, 595 Craft and Kitchen has become a go-to destination in Las Vegas. Exciting news is on the horizon as the restaurant prepares to open a new location at the intersection of Blue Diamond and Rainbow, further expanding its reach and delighting even more guests later this year.

A Cozy Neighborhood Bar with a Twist:

Step into the inviting ambiance of 595 Craft and Kitchen, where the warm and rustic décor welcomes you. The repurposed wood walls, neon beer signs, and industrial-style ceiling create a charming and relaxed atmosphere. Bask in the natural light that streams through the unique garage door-style wall, illuminating the restaurant's vibrant energy. And don't forget to enjoy the coolness of your drink, thanks to the innovative metal bar top filled with glycol to maintain the perfect temperature.

Craft Beer Paradise:

Beer enthusiasts are in for a treat at 595 Craft and Kitchen. With its commitment to showcasing the best of craft beer, the bar boasts an impressive lineup of 24 rotating taps that constantly change to provide a diverse and exciting selection. In addition, a cooler filled with 70 varieties of canned beer offers even more options for beer aficionados to explore and enjoy. The forthcoming new location will undoubtedly bring an expanded beer selection, making it a true paradise for craft beer lovers.

A Fusion Culinary Experience:

595 Craft and Kitchen's menu is a testament to the culinary creativity and passion of General Manager and Co-owner Van-Alan Nguyen. Inspired by the flavors of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese cuisines, the fusion concept delights taste buds with its harmonious blend of diverse culinary traditions. With each iteration, the menu evolves to introduce new delights while retaining beloved favorites like the signature banh mi sandwiches, craft burgers, and mouthwatering nachos.

Food that Steals the Show:

Prepare to be amazed by the culinary stars of 595 Craft and Kitchen's menu. The banh mi sandwiches remain a fan favorite, with options such as BBQ pork, pork belly, crispy cauliflower, brisket, and chicken. The kitchen's commitment to innovation is evident in their specials, such as the popular tom kha pasta featuring charbroiled ginger garlic chicken in a delectable coconut-based soup/pasta sauce. As the new location opens, anticipate an expanded menu with exciting new dishes that will further tantalize your taste buds.

A Welcoming Space for All:

595 Craft and Kitchen has created a warm and inclusive environment where guests of all ages can enjoy exceptional food and great company. The non-smoking, non-gaming establishment features a family-friendly dining area, ensuring that families can gather and savor delicious meals together. Children are well-catered for with a dedicated menu that offers tasty options specially crafted to suit young palates.

Embrace the Expansion:

As 595 Craft and Kitchen celebrates its upcoming expansion, anticipation builds for the new location at the intersection of Blue Diamond and Rainbow in Las Vegas. Set to open later this year, the additional venue will bring the same exceptional culinary experience, vibrant atmosphere, and dedication to craft beer to a new neighborhood. Stay tuned for the grand opening and prepare to embark on another exciting chapter in the journey of 595 Craft and Kitchen.

With its warm ambiance, craft beer selection, and tantalizing fusion cuisine, 595 Craft and Kitchen continues to captivate guests. Visit the existing location at Tropicana and Rainbow in Las Vegas, and keep an eye out for the forthcoming



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