Best Breweries Near Me: Pittsburgh

Our list of Pittsburgh breweries is home to some of the best beer in the region. From Cinderlands to Dancing Gnome, Pittsburgh is a gem for craft beer enthusiasts. The region is home to many breweries: see our full list of Pittsburgh Breweries

This post features five of the most popular breweries in Pittsburgh and showcases notable beers from each, and other awesome reasons to visit each one!

Cinderlands Warehouse

Cinderlands, located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, is known for its delicious, unfiltered beer. The people at Cinderlands really know their stuff and are always up to something - they meticulously create beers with an emphasis on science and beer chemistry. Notable beers from Cinerlands include Squish and Tracks Again.


Squish is an unfiltered pale ale with prominent notes of mango and pineapple with hints of pine. It’s soft and juicy with a full body and maintains a mildly dry finish and low bitterness.

Tracks Again

Tracks Again is Cinderlands’ pilsner. It contains a bright lemon flavor to pair with noble hop qualities on the nose and tongue. With straw color, it maintains a little bit of haze.

Apart from the wonderful craft beer, the food at Cinderlands is also impressive. Sandwiches and a small–but mighty–section of entrees preceded by yummy snacks and appetizers are the stars of the show. The overall vibe and aesthetic of the brewery are wonderfully enticing!

Grist House Craft Brewery

Grist House is a staple in Pittsburgh craft beer. Known mostly for its Hazedelic Juice Grenade, a New England IPA, and one of the brewery’s flagship beers, Grist House is a household name around these parts. Another popular Grist House beer is Chameleon.

Hazedelic Juice Grenade

This New England or Hazy IPA is an exceptionally dense NEIPA bursting with thick and juicy flavors of orange and mango. This tropical beer concoction leaves you wanting more.


This beer’s name does not do it justice - it really stands out! Chameleon contains bountiful notes of citrus fruits like papaya and pineapple. It uses a “select yeast strain,” and emits a pleasantly crisp finish with an inviting bitterness.

Grist House has an up-and-coming taproom being built in Collier Township, just southeast of Pittsburgh, at the Nike Missile Site - a missile command center from during the Cold War! It’s not open yet, but the brewery’s Millvale location is definitely worth the visit in the meantime.

Hop Farm Brewing Company

Hop Farm, located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh, was established in 2014 and is a creator of delicious craft beers. Among other breweries in the Lawrenceville area, Hop Farm stands out because of its efforts in sustainability and its friendly folks at the brewery. Notable beers from Hop Farm include Pittsburgh Pale Ale, Sahr Pahr, and Neon Turtles.

Pittsburgh Pale Ale

Pittsburgh Pale Ale is a delightful pale ale made with El Dorado and Mosaic hops. It contains strong floral notes on the nose accompanied by hints of citrus and berry. It's got just the right amount of hoppiness with a slightly dry finish.

Sahr Pahr

Sahr Pahr is Hop Farm’s ongoing sour series. Hop Farm releases seasonal rotations of these beers - the most recent one being Sahr Pahr Fruit Punch. This beer will make your lips pucker and will smack you with potent berry and fruit flavors.

Neon Turtles

Neon Turtles is a Double New England IPA. It’s brewed with Mosaic and Citivia hops and packs bountiful notes of stone fruit and peach flavors.

Eleventh Hour Brewing Company

Eleventh Hour is also located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. The brewery is known solely for its beers - Eleventh Hours knows how to brew. Flagship beers from Eleventh Hour include New Cult and Archer.

New Cult

New Cult is a New England IPA. It's brewed with flaked oats and flaked wheat to create a soft and full mouthfeel. It uses Citra and Mosaic and is packed with citrus, passionfruit, mango and grapefruit flavors.


Archer is Eleventh Hour’s German Kolsch style ale. It pours a glistening straw yellow with a strong white head. It has classic floral and cracker notes from the Pilsner malt, and it finishes smoothly.

Dancing Gnome Brewery

Dancing Gnome is located in Sharpsburg and is one of the most coveted names in Pittsburgh beer. Its main brewery and its taproom are located down the street from each other and both serve pioneering yet traditional ales. The two staple beers from Dancing Gnome are undoubtedly Lustra and Infinite Highway.


Lustra is an American pale ale. It picks up a toasted wheat bread flavor from the malt used and contains heavy citrus and other fruit aromas. It incorporates a clean bitterness on the finish that pulls you in for more.

Infinite Highway

Infinite Highway is a Double IPA. It’s double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Galaxy hops, and maintains low bitterness with a cozy mouthfeel. Notes of passionfruit and pineapple are potent in this wonderful beer. Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene is explosive and commendable. There are always new things on the horizon for this Western Pennsylvania brewery goldmine. Don’t neglect the phenomenal creations in Pittsburgh that are craft beer, and be sure to check out one or more breweries on this list the next time you’re in the steel city.



2601 Smallman St Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 United States

Brewery Features: Serves Food, To-Go Beer, Sells Merch
Brewery Type: Brewpub

1025 Main St Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15215 United States

Brewery Features: Has Food Trucks, To-Go Beer
Brewery Type: Taproom

3711 Charlotte St Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201 United States

Brewery Features: To-Go Beer, Dog Friendly
Brewery Type: Taproom

10 Sherman St Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15209 United States

Brewery Features: Has Food Trucks, To-Go Beer, Family Friendly, Dog Friendly
Brewery Type: Taproom

5601 Butler St Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201 United States

Brewery Features: Serves Food, To-Go Beer, Sells Merch
Brewery Type: Brewpub


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